Sarina Valenti-Fantin

Sarina specializes in Swedish massage therapy which incorporates deep tissue and relaxation massage.


Meet Sarina Valenti-Fantin

Sarina is a graduate of York University with a (Hon.) B.A. in Kinesiology and Health Sciences. Upon graduating from York, she began her studies in massage at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, and became registered in 1999. Sarina has extensive knowledge and experience as a kinesiologist and massage therapist, incorporating the important principles of remedial exercise, which she believes supplements massage to facilitate health and optimize function.

Sarina’s previous experience includes working in rehabilitation clinics with those involved in motor vehicle accidents, patients with chronic conditions, and those wishing to maintain a current state of health. This experience has equipped Sarina with an intuitive sense to discern the most effective treatment to facilitate healing.

Specializing in Swedish massage therapy, Sarina incorporates deep tissue and relaxation massage, while focusing on providing personalized attention to the individual needs of each client. Sarina’s educational background and clinical experience, combined with her sense of encouragement and compassion will enhance and maximize your massage therapy experience and she looks forward to being a key player in your quest for total body health.

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