Jessica Triumbari

Specializing in Swedish techniques, PNF stretching, deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy.


Meet Jessica Triumbari

Jessica Triumbari has graduated from York University with a Specialized Honors Degree in Kinesiology. Following her undergraduate studies, she decided to pursuit a career in Massage Therapy and earned her diploma at Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. During her studies she worked at several community outreach programs and specialty clinics around the city of Toronto. Such programs include High Risk Obstetrics at Sunnybrooke Hospital, Gynecological and Pelvic Floor Post-Operative at Toronto General Hospital, Pre-natal and Pregnancy clinic, Seniors clinic, Mental Health Transitional Homes, and a community Stroke Club. Through her experience Jessica has learned the benefits of massage therapy both physically, mentally, and emotionally for a range of populations and ultimately what the power of touch can do to heal others. In clinic, her massages typically consist of Swedish techniques, PNF stretching, deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy.

Fun Fact: During her undergraduate degree Jessica assisted in conducting research alongside a Registered Kinesiologist and continued to co-write a journal article determining the effects of plyometric training and treadmill training on the prevention of ACL tears in young female soccer players. In 2017, she and her colleague presented their findings at the World Conference on Science and Soccer held in Rennes, France. After this experience Jessica grew a passion for research and a love for travel. She hopes to one day conduct research on the benefits of massage, yoga and well-being and travel to another conference around the globe.

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